Meet our people

Who is working at Balans & Impuls?

Heilwine Bakker
– Managing director
Heilwine studied psychology in Utrecht and psychodrama at the Dutch School for Psychodrama. She worked in mental health care for five years, supervising clients as well as setting up preventive projects. Her work in project management made her discover her entrepreneurial self. Her work experience confronted her with large numbers of people unable to keep up with the high-pressure demands they have to meet. She came to realize that regular health care, disconnected as it was from the business community, was unable to respond adequately to this worrying trend. In 1997, as more and more people found themselves locked out of employment as the result of psychical complaints, she took up the challenge by setting up Balans & Impuls.
Heilwine is married, and mother of two sons. She is active in sports and the theatre. Her motto is ‘Growing by letting go’ — we can only grow by letting go of the past. She likes to compare this to a caterpillar withdrawing into his cocoon and coming out as a butterfly.

Richard van Holsteijn
– Troubleshooter, coach, trainer
In the past years Richard has fulfilled several (executive) positions in government agencies. Besides these he was mainly active in training and coaching his personnel. He was also active as an advisor, teacher and instructor in various positions in several professional and group processes. As a trouble-shooter he engages to create structure, bring order and improve mutual relations in the client’s situation in a practical and purposeful manner. His emphasis is on ‘tackling problems together’.
He favors a creative approach and deeply involves the client in finding a fitting solution. He takes his energy from travel, reading, and sports, and is very interested in healthy, honest food and spending time with friends and family.
He finished a coach/trainer course and is a certified NLP practitioner. At present he is studying Psychosocial Coaching and MWD (Social work and services) at SPSO. He is committed, creative and solution-driven.

Annemie Mullens
– Health care psychologist (NIP — Professional Association of Psychologists)
Annemarie studied clinical psychology at Leuven University, Belgium. She is Belgian but has lived in the Netherlands since 1989. After her studies she was active in alternative psychiatric health care (Passage 144 in Leuven). This brought her into contact with the human side of patients diagnosed with chronic psychiatric disorders. The awareness that it is but a thin line that separates us from a life filled with problems and misery has remained an integral part of her life ever since. Later she finished a course in experiential psychology. This connects client-centered therapy (Rogerian) with elements from Gestalt therapy. The basic principles of this therapy — unconditional positivism, empathy and transparency — have always remained essential in approaching her clients. She was active in the world of books, too: a true passion of hers. She worked several years as a reintegration consultant for the very hard-to-place unemployed — finding herself confronted with that same thin line again. She focusses on working in a power-oriented rather than a complaint-oriented way. Every limitation offers its own opportunities — often, uncovering them is all we need to do. Her motto ‘the goal is important, but the journey must add value’. The means are the goal.

Sacha Rieken
– Psychologist NIP
Sacha studied psychology of labour and health psychology. For several years she worked for a reintegration/career consultancy company, counseling people of various backgrounds and ages, helping them to develop and choose the right career. She coached people with work-related complaints and taught them how to take control in difficult situations. This is where she developed her interest in creating a healthy balance between work and personality. She thinks it is important to give people insight into their talents, power and limitations. Being aware of what to do and what not to do, both privately and professionally, will stimulate this and allow you to make the most of yourself and remain in balance. To maintain her own balance, she takes yoga lessons and likes to go for regular bike rides. She likes gardening and spending time with friends and family. Sacha’s positive approach, sincere engagement and curiosity about people are typical for her.

Inge Bonnes
– Psychologist NIP
Inge followed a course in facility management before studying labour and organization psychology at the Open University. She has experience in work-reintegration and likes to conduct research into education and career opportunities. A good private-professional balance is indispensable for long-term employability. Her interest is mainly in the reciprocal interrelation between work and health. She likes running, yoga, skiing, music and spending time with her children.

Margot Feenstra
– Psychologist NIP
After a career in health care and business, Margot decided she wanted to work with people in a different way and began a course in health psychology at the Open University. She says: “I find it brings me great satisfaction to team up with someone on a search for the obstacles in their life.’ Sources of tension usually outline themselves from the very first conversation. ‘Establishing limits’ invariably plays a major role in this type of problem.” She finds that it is very important to provide a fitting set of tools for the person concerned, so that they can make their own way. Her talent as a (senior) psychologist is to be found in the combination of her knowledge and life experience. She like taking nature walks.

Rogier Reit
– Psychologist
Rogier initially studied medicine at Erasmus University Rotterdam, but soon came to the conclusion that his talents and interests rather lay in the direct contact and interaction with people.He studied psychology at Leiden University, specializing in social and organizational psychology. As a personnel manager he acquired a great deal of insight in how to assist people to further their career, and realized the importance of working conditions in getting joy and energy from your job. Within Balans & Impuls he engages in breaking a downward spiral in order to recreate a positive flow, bringing about fresh energy and a new private/professional balance. His level-headed yet passionate drive and result-oriented approach are typical. He likes snowboarding and playing hockey, and finds peace among his bonsai trees.

Annemiek Kolkert
– Psychologist NIP

Brigitte Kuitenbrouwer
– Troubleshooter

Elisabeth Verbeeck
– Psychologist NIP