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On March 12, 2021 Balans & Impuls and its partners are organizing a groundbreaking conference. The conference is characterized by interaction, knowledge sharing and learning. It will be an unmissable conference for health professionals. Register now to be sure you can participate online!

Rescue workers, health care workers, policeman, security officers are committed to serve and protect the peace, security and health. It is gratifying to be able to make a difference. These high risk professions can take a toll on all aspects of one’s life. Under the current COVID circumstances we ask a lot from the rescue workers. It is important to realize that besides the demands of the current COVID period,  they have served a long career in a demanding job . The conference will focus on the impact of a high demanding job during their career and give insights and tools for prevention of mental health and wellbeing. This working conference pays attention to science and practice.


Morning program: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Key note speakers:
  • The impact of rescue work on mental health and private life tasks. How can we protect mental health and wellbeing?

By Dr.Heilwine Bakker, GZ psychologist NIP and director of Balans & Impuls.

See her promotion for more information: The impact of rescuework on mental health and private life tasks.

  • Preventive colleague support (TRIM) and providing quick, focused psychological support if necessary.

By Prof. Dr. N. Greenberg, Professor of Defense Mental Health King’s College London.


  • Sources of imbalance and energy in high risk professions. Promoting resilience and post-traumatic growth. This presentation is based on empirical studies that we have conducted over the years in high-risk professions: security officers, police, people working in forensic psychiatry and judges.

By Prof. Dr. S. Bogaerts, professor developmental psychopathology and forensic psychology, Tilburg University

Afternoon program: 13:30 – 17:00

Workshops Best Practices

  • Supervising teams in the police

Hans van de Haven has been in charge of police teams in the multiple major cities in the Nederland ’’ Randstad’’ for many years. By presenting various practical examples he recommends how to implement recuperation time, find appreciation, strengthen the self-esteem and seek peer support; even in situations where that does not seem to be possible.

‘Leadership is let people grow but also protect when limits are reached’. You go hard alone, you get further together’.

By Hans van de Haven


Projectleader Recoverytraining Police Rotterdam ( Blauwe haven). Burn Out/ PTSS coaching.

VM Officer, Supervisor emergency services police

  • Awareness of accumulation critical incidents and seek recovery time and colleague support

By Anne-Marie de Jong , Former police officer, motorcycle ambulance , vitality expert Ambulance Witte Kruis

  • Learned lessons, by field experts

What lessons can we learn from rescue workers, who are employee absentees due to mental health problems

By Dick Kleijn supervisor and experience expert police

Initiator foundation Police Veterans

  • Risks after being exposed to multiple violent incidents

Multiple critical incidents during a career, especially being exposed to violence, has physical consequences. Examples are; cognitive problems, pain, intestinal problems, stomach problems and problems regarding the musculoskeletal system. These complaints are often accompanied with feelings of shame or are ignored. A downside could be that the psychological point of view is given more importance than the physical complaints. Therefore this workshop aims to foster preventive and effective diagnosis’.

By Alina Teplova, rehabilitation physician at the Medical Central The Hague (Hospital Westeinde)

  • Battles of the intrinsic war: diagnostic aspects of PTSS, depression and suicidal behavior among veterans

Preventative recommendations for accumulative traumatic stress that apply to service men and women

Based on scientific research and clinical experience, diagnostic variables were recognized among this population group. Some of these will be discussed in this workshop. Furthermore, potential risks factors for suicidal behavior will also discussed. The only possibility that exist to better serve our service men and women is by recognizing these unique diagnostic variables. In doing so we can develop proper and effective prevention tools, increase the accuracy of diagnosis and implement suitabletherapeutic strategies.

By Dr. Sharon Galor, senior psychologist at Balans & Impuls

  • Attention for private life tasks, to protect health

Effectiveness in private life tasks can buffer the impact of a high demanding job. But it can be difficult to maintain care for private life tasks. The pitfall can be that private life is sacrificed for the demands of the job. How can you prevent this negative process?

By Richard van Holsteijn, Troubleshooter at Balans & Impuls

  • The importance of well-planned, tailored healthcare for healthcare professionals in dealing with the presence as opposed to the absence of the corona virus

The intensity of care for healthcare professionals has increased tremendously over the past years. Apart from this, as of March this year, we are being confronted with the adverse consequences of the corona outbreak. As a result, many influences, in the private as well as in the working environment itself, can bring about a disbalances in healthcare professionals.

How do you deal with this as a manager and what tools do you possess in keeping your employees well-balanced?

Being agile and acting promptly in dealing with situations can make a difference between employees dropping out or continuing their work.

By Geraldine Schutten, care manager ‘FocusKliniek en Kortverblijf HMC’

Participants can choose two workshops. The first will start at 01:30 – 03:00 pm and the second at 3:30 – 5:00 pm

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