Accreditation for the online international congress has been requested for the following associations.

  • FGzPt
  • Quality Register V&V and Register Care Professionals
  • NIP A&O | A&G
  • Social Medicine (AbSg)
  • Registerplein Register GGZ-agogen, Register Social Work, Register Social Workers
  • NVvA

After an association approves the accreditation the congress will be published on their website. Currently accreditation has been approved by the following associations:

  • FGzPt (7 points)
  • V&V Quality Register and Register Care Professionals (6 points)
  • LV POH-GGZ (6 points)
  • Registerplein Register GGZ-agogen, Register Social work, Register Social Workers (6 points)
  • NVvA (3 points)

Accreditation by the ABSG and NIP A&O is expected soon. As soon as these are approved this page will be updated.

When registering, please mention the name and BIG registration (if applicable) you are registered with at the professional association. This contributes to quickly receiving your points. At the NVvA you have to enter your points yourself.

At the end of the congress, proof of participation will be sent to each participant.

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