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The Exercise of the Month

Being more self-compassionate with yourself when you feel negative emotions

September 2020 When our inner critic talks to us, it is judging us. Often it is done with extreme negative statements that raises negative emotions such as anger, sadness, powerlessness, hopelessness etc. Once we feel these negative emotions, the inner bully continues to judge us for feeling this way. Imagine someone you love comes to you and says ‘’I failed in my marriage. I am miserable and lonely’’.  Would you belittle her/him? [...]

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What can you do when supporting others during this crisis is exhausting you?

August 2020 It starts with knowing your limits and communicating boundaries. Monitor how you felt before, during and after each interaction. Sometimes you may notice that it costs you too much energy. In that case, plan your get together, when you have most energy during the day. If you notice that you have negative emotions or feel fatigue during the interaction, then that is a good indication that you’re at end of [...]

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How to defeat loneliness during isolation

July 2020 We’ve all feel lonely sometimes, but it can become more frequent during the corona isolation. Loneliness is a subjective feeling. When experiencing loneliness frequently and consistently, it can have mental and physical health implications. Loneliness distorts our perceptions. We might think that the people around us do not care about us, while they may indeed care. Loneliness distorts our perceptions Cognitive biases influence how we interpret situations in a [...]

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What can you do if you are feeling anxious about the corona ?

June 2020 What can you do if you are feeling anxious about the corona ? Many people react with anxiety to the Corona. Feeling uncertainty and worrying about the unknown is terrifying. We are filled with ‘’what if’’ scenarios and extreme worst-case scenarios creep constantly in our mind, which add to the stress of our changed life. Some people feel exhausted, angry, depressed, lonely, helpless, powerless, overwhelmed and even panic. We can [...]

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Having a hard time falling asleep?

May 2020 Having a hard time falling asleep? Worrying about things, reminiscing, reviewing bad things that happed through the day or even thinking about what you still have to do, can cause problem sleeping. Negative thoughts about sleep also make it very hard to fall asleep ( i.e if I will not sleep again tonight, I definitely will not be able to work tomorrow). The fear of not falling asleep causes anxiety, [...]

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Start being more self-compassionate instead of self-critical

March 2020 What does being self-compassionate actually mean? It involves reassuring ourselves that it is ok to fail, make mistakes, experience painful emotions and have imperfections, because we are human and fallible. We thus don’t harshly judge our flaws and inadequacies, but show understanding and kindness towards the self. Recognizing, admitting and accepting that our weakness and strengths co-exist and form who we are as individuals. We accept that we don’t need [...]

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Start self-care practice today

February 2020 Self -care is helpful in challenging times, as a way of coping with uncontrollable stressors and during regular days as part of the ongoing maintenance of your well -being. By filling up your needs and resources you are also building up your coping abilities and resilience. To practice self-care consistently you should match it to your personal life style, needs and personality. You can experiment with different practices/behaviors to find [...]

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New year’s resolutions

January 2020 In the New Year we often set New Year’s resolutions. The problem is that sometimes the new goals and standards that we set for ourselves are unrealistic When you set yourself exceptionally high goals and standards of performance and you strive to attain these standards, you evaluate your own behaviors and achievements by the ability to reach them. Inability to achieve your own strict standards or high goals can have [...]

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How to ensure successful goal attainment

December 2019 The month of December is also the month when we start thinking about the next year and what we want to achieve. This exercise will help you get to your goal a little easier. The factors that are not within your control are still influential on your goal achievement. There are many factors that play a role and can influence your goal achievement. Some are within your control such as [...]

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How to boost happiness and contentment in your life

November 2019 Adapting healthy habits, reducing or eliminating unhelpful behaviors and formulating more rational and helpful thoughts will improve your well-being. This exercise is an example of what you can do to boost happiness and contentment in your life. ‘Happiness depends upon ourselves’ – Aristotle You can start by finding a deeper meaning and purpose–follow your passions, mission and find deeper meaning in all that occurs. Living purposeful and intentional life empowers [...]

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Find out what works for you when it comes to anger reducing activities

October 2019 When anger is not being expressed healthily, it can be destructive. Find strategies and ways in which you can express your anger in a healthy manner; be it writing, singing, art, joining support groups, running, dancing, participating in  competitive sports, martial-arts etc. Find effective self-soothing activities that will help you feel better... Exercise It will enable you to express yourself in a way that is not aggressive towards others, [...]

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Stand up to your inner bully

September 2019 This month we are focusing on your inner bully. The critical voice in your mind overshadows and disregards your past achievements, positive characteristics, talents, strengths, values and capacities. The negative critical voice that is speaking out loud in your mind, usually has a double standard. You say things to yourself that you will not say to others’ face. You can use this double standard as a red flag. Let it signal to [...]

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