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The Exercise of the Month

Going through a bad day – part 1

April 2021 We all have bad days. Days that feel like nothing is going right. Days that we feel lost, depressed and alone. Days that we wish we could stay in bed because we are too tired and we can’t handle it anymore. So what can we do? Try starting the day with time for yourself. Be mindful at breakfast and do something that give your energy and pleasure, maybe take walk or [...]

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What to do when you are feeling uneasiness and things just do not feel right?

March 2021 A conflict between our beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, emotions and perceptions is called cognitive dissonance. It raises feelings of discomfort, imbalance and thus we feel that we need to eliminate or at least reduce it immediately. We innately try to avoid such inconsistencies.  These are 2 key strategies to reduce or minimize your cognitive dissonance: Evaluate the helpfulness of your chosen behaviours. Examine whether your behavior indeed supports your beliefs or does [...]

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Accepting my weaknesses and flaws

February 2021 This month we are looking into the truth in the following myth about self-acceptance: ’’Accepting my weaknesses and flaws is like condoning them or hiding my head in the sand." The truth is that with self-acceptance you are not denying or ignoring your imperfections. You are actually saying - ‘’I see it, I admit it, I am facing it and accepting it for what it is now, so what is within [...]

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Burger and fries

Januari 2021 Are that Burger and fries looking too scrumptious to resist? Are you chewing on your celery and carrots sticks, while your eyes are popping out of their sockets because of your friend’s chocolate cake? January’s new year’s resolutions. If you find yourself already struggling to stick to your new life style goals these 2 tips are exactly what you need.1) Don’t let the enemy in: the first necessary step that you will [...]

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Christmas is about…

December 2020 For some people Christmas gives a sense of joy, abundance and reconnecting with loved ones, while for others it can be a lonely, stressful, frustrating and a conflicted time. Here are 3 self -care tips that can help you overcome these feelings. These 3 easy types of validation : 1) Relax - Plan breaks during the day in which you take a few moments to sit in a quiet and distraction free [...]

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Communicate assertively

November 2020 The holidays are coming up. It can be an intense and demanding time especially when people come together. This month we will help you improve your assertive communication. These 3 easy types of validation : 1. Validate the Validator- If your partner/friend has been listening to you or has been supportive, validate them for doing so. For example, "Thanks for listening to me complain about work. I appreciate you being [...]

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Working at home in Corona times. Tips for maintaining your mental health and balancing work/private life

October 2020 Hold on to your daily routines Keep up your daily routine as if you are still going to the office. Irregularity in your work and private life can lead to feelings of turmoil and instability. An example of how you  find stability and regularity is  by taking a walk or a bike ride in the morning, then carrying out a task that gives your energy. Make sure that you can work [...]

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Being more self-compassionate with yourself when you feel negative emotions

September 2020 When our inner critic talks to us, it is judging us. Often it is done with extreme negative statements that raises negative emotions such as anger, sadness, powerlessness, hopelessness etc. Once we feel these negative emotions, the inner bully continues to judge us for feeling this way. Imagine someone you love comes to you and says ‘’I failed in my marriage. I am miserable and lonely’’.  Would you belittle her/him? [...]

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What can you do when supporting others during this crisis is exhausting you?

August 2020 It starts with knowing your limits and communicating boundaries. Monitor how you felt before, during and after each interaction. Sometimes you may notice that it costs you too much energy. In that case, plan your get together, when you have most energy during the day. If you notice that you have negative emotions or feel fatigue during the interaction, then that is a good indication that you’re at end of [...]

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How to defeat loneliness during isolation

July 2020 We’ve all feel lonely sometimes, but it can become more frequent during the corona isolation. Loneliness is a subjective feeling. When experiencing loneliness frequently and consistently, it can have mental and physical health implications. Loneliness distorts our perceptions. We might think that the people around us do not care about us, while they may indeed care. Loneliness distorts our perceptions Cognitive biases influence how we interpret situations in a [...]

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What can you do if you are feeling anxious about the corona ?

June 2020 What can you do if you are feeling anxious about the corona ? Many people react with anxiety to the Corona. Feeling uncertainty and worrying about the unknown is terrifying. We are filled with ‘’what if’’ scenarios and extreme worst-case scenarios creep constantly in our mind, which add to the stress of our changed life. Some people feel exhausted, angry, depressed, lonely, helpless, powerless, overwhelmed and even panic. We can [...]

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Having a hard time falling asleep?

May 2020 Having a hard time falling asleep? Worrying about things, reminiscing, reviewing bad things that happed through the day or even thinking about what you still have to do, can cause problem sleeping. Negative thoughts about sleep also make it very hard to fall asleep ( i.e if I will not sleep again tonight, I definitely will not be able to work tomorrow). The fear of not falling asleep causes anxiety, [...]

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