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The Exercise of the Month

Part 2 – Dealing with uncertainty

December 2021 In the previous part we talked about behavior change. This month we will deal with thoughts that are linked with uncertainty. In times of chaos and disbalance , it helps to try to find some meaning and purpose in the whole chaos. Research has found that if we feel our life is full with purpose and we follow are values, then we are happier. As social being one can achieve meaningfulness [...]

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Part 1 – Dealing with uncertainty

December 2021 Since the Corona started many people experience allot of uncertainty. With the constant flow of divers information and split opinions, limited freedom and changes around us, the sense of loss, helplessness, hopelessness, frustrations and emotional distress are common. One of the ways in which we can cope with uncertainty is to limit what we expose ourselves to and to find a way to comfort ourselves while trying to keep safe and [...]

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Part 2 – Setting up our boundaries

November 2021 When we learn to tend to other’s needs or we learn how to behave from observing other’s unhealthy boundaries in their relationships, it makes it hard to set our own boundaries. People who, are not use to hearing assertive boundary setting from you, may react negatively, which might provoke anxiety and guilt in you for asserting these boundaries. It is important to realise that hearing boundaries and setting them is also [...]

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Part one- Increasing self- reflection and self -awareness

October 2021 The topic of this month is boundaries. Boundaries are important in every type of relationship ,as they help us protect ourselves.  When we trust someone, feel emotionally close to them, we let them more in and others we keep at a distance. The distance or how much one is allowed within your emotional or physical space differs per person, context or relationship. Without knowing who we are, what we feel ,want [...]

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Are you ready for a change?

September 2021 Have you experienced feelings of sadness, being stuck, lack of pleasure and being tired all the time in the past months? Do positive emotions seem like far away memories? Does everything seem hard or impossible?  If you can relate to this, are you ready for a change?  The exercise of this month is to test your level of readiness and motivation by answering a few questions: Are my thoughts and behaviour [...]

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Use visualisation to positively deal with stress

August 2021 Visualising catastrophes may increase your stress, but visualising success works just as effectively to reduce it. When stress is building up visualisation can help. This month we will learn how do use this form of strategy. To use visualisation positively, sit in a quiet and distraction-free environment, and paint a detailed image in your mind of you performing the stress-provoking task. Go slowly, step-by-step and see yourself performing the task and [...]

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Should’s, have to and must

July 2021 We all have should and have to. ‘’I have to clean the house every day’’; ‘’I must help others even if I am tired....’’ We get this life rule from others while we grow up and sometimes due to conclusions which we have from certain event in our lives. This rule cause us to aim for a high unrealistic goal and engage in more self- comparison. It also promotes our inner [...]

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Are you ruminating or self-reflecting?

June 2021 When you are reflecting, you take your time to gather all the information known to you in the present. Then you analyse , interpret and conclude from the facts. You recognize mistakes made, see your successes and learn and think of better solutions or action for the future. It is realistic analysis of events with the aim of growth and proactive problem solving . Rumination will happen daily and it can [...]

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Going through a bad day – part 2

May 2021 Previous month we gave you some strategies to help you get through a bad day. This month we will discuss what else you can do. When you feel divers of negative emotions, take the time to look within. Identify your emotions, name them and see what they do to your body, thoughts and how they influence your behaviour. Do not judge it ,just name it, observe and accept it for what it is. [...]

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Going through a bad day – part 1

April 2021 We all have bad days. Days that feel like nothing is going right. Days that we feel lost, depressed and alone. Days that we wish we could stay in bed because we are too tired and we can’t handle it anymore. So what can we do? Try starting the day with time for yourself. Be mindful at breakfast and do something that give your energy and pleasure, maybe take walk or [...]

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What to do when you are feeling uneasiness and things just do not feel right?

March 2021 A conflict between our beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, emotions and perceptions is called cognitive dissonance. It raises feelings of discomfort, imbalance and thus we feel that we need to eliminate or at least reduce it immediately. We innately try to avoid such inconsistencies.  These are 2 key strategies to reduce or minimize your cognitive dissonance: Evaluate the helpfulness of your chosen behaviours. Examine whether your behavior indeed supports your beliefs or does [...]

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Accepting my weaknesses and flaws

February 2021 This month we are looking into the truth in the following myth about self-acceptance: ’’Accepting my weaknesses and flaws is like condoning them or hiding my head in the sand." The truth is that with self-acceptance you are not denying or ignoring your imperfections. You are actually saying - ‘’I see it, I admit it, I am facing it and accepting it for what it is now, so what is within [...]

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