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Mental condition in times of corona
For employees and managers

Organizations, managers and employees are working in a longstanding intensive period due to the corona pandemic. Undoubtedly, sources of relaxation, work rhythm, support and meeting each other have disappeared or been limited. Numerous contacts take place online while the personal daily rhythm is no longer the way it used to be. There may be concerns regarding contamination and concerns about your own health and that of loved ones. There may also be uncertainty for own’s own job and income.
In this precarious situation, it is of importance to offer each other practical guidance towards maintaining our mental condition. Balans & Impuls has over 24 years of experience in providing practical psychological guidance in (long-term) demanding situations. This flyer gives a brief overview of what we can do in this corona time. There is always a tailor-made quotation.
More precisely, it covers online workshops for managers aimed at guidance in a demanding time. Along with that, online workshops for employees have been incorporated. Suggestions have also been included for independent online guidance. Moreover, mental support walks are offered.


The desired goal is to provide managers and employees with practical psychological tools and insights in order to assist their employees and teams. It is the intention, in these intensive times of uncertainty, to provide guidance in conserving and maintaining mental condition. In that respect, attention is paid to the manager, employee and the team. The target group managers and employees, are each given their own tools in discrete workshops.


In this situation, there is a creative and pragmatic response to the needs of managers and employees. For the quality of the online support, online workshops of 2 x 2 hours are offered to a group of up to 8 people. The workshops have an interactive character. There is a period of 2 to 3 weeks between both workshops, in which they can apply what has been learned. Collegial buddy support is used to get started with the tools.
These short workshops take place online, where the client is responsible for facilitating an online secure consultation (not included in this offer).

Substantive background

The insights and tools arise from ample 24 years of experience in working as a psychologist in collaboration with people and companies in demanding private and work situations. These can be found in various articles and scientific publications written by Dr. Heilwine Bakker, including the following books: Managing Yourself, Resilience for Rescuers, How People Work, A Practice Guide for Managers, as well as the promotional bundle of 18 March 2020, entitled: ‘’The impact of rescue work on mental health and private life tasks’’. See for an overview of publications www.balans-en-impuls.nl.

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o Zie voor een overzicht van publicatie www.balans-en-impuls.nl

1) Short training; 2 x 2 hours online

Target group managers
Workshops: Leading in a demanding/ intensive time

Workshop 1: (duration of 2 hours)

  • Dealing with a longstanding demanding situation
  • Alertness to maintaining self-direction / prevention of long-term environment-driven behavior by person or group
  • Basic tools for leadership in a demanding time including: rhythm, recovery time, energy sources, support and protection, influence/control
  • Strengthening resilience; traffic light handle for individual and group

Workshop 2: (duration of 2 hours)

  • Sequel; applying traffic light handle for individual and group
  • Sequel: basic tools for leadership in a demanding time
  • Hardy leadership: “what have we been able to signify”, giving hope and perspective
  • Strengthening professional self-confidence

Target group employees
Workshops: Working in a demanding/intensive time

Workshop 1: (duration of 2 hours)

  • Recognizing stress signals and making timely adjustments to balance; traffic light handle
  • Strengthening energy sources
  • Maintaining self-management in times of pressure
  • Dealing with a longstanding demanding situation; rhythm, recovery time, mutual support

Workshop 2: (duration of 2 hours)

  • Professional self-confidence
  • Collegial support / customized group traffic light
  • “what have I been able to signify” (no matter how small)


In the current intensive circumstances, it has been decided to focus on two short workshops of two hours each, aimed at providing practical tools. The short workshops are interactive and there is considerable attention for your own situation. Participants form “buddy pairs” to practice the handles together.

2) Independent learning

Both managers and employees can learn and practice the handles fully independently and at their own moment.

Therefor see www.balans-en-impuls-online.nl.
It concerns handling a longstanding demanding situation.

An overview of the costs:


  • Workshop online (time commitment 4 hours) with supervision: Eur 195, – (2 contact moments of 20 min.)
  • Independently (without supervision): Eur 95, –


  • Training online (4 half-days), independently Eur 295,-
  • Training online (4 half-days), with guidance (4 contact moments of 20 min.) Eur 575,-

App: Traffic light tool

The traffic light tool app has been developed over five years in collaboration with TU Delft and rescue workers. The tool is aimed at maintaining mental condition in exacting work. The costs hereof are Eur 5.95- for unlimited use. Further, it is feasible for an organization to make the app accessible to its own employees by means of a login code.

1) Mental support walk

During this corona time, many people experience lack of personal support and compassion. Research has revealed that it is precisely this support that provides guidance to bear a difficult time. Therefore, Balans & Impuls organizes mental support walks which are led by a trainer / trouble shooter. Besides exchanging mutual experiences and tips for this period, tools in mental condition are practiced for those who feel the need. It is possible to register as an individual or as a group. The walks take place in the region of The Hague, but can also take place elsewhere upon request.

More information?
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