How vital is your organization - for employees

Questionnaire "How vital is your organization? for employees

The "How vital is your organization?" checklist is a powerful tool that helps teams and departments independently assess whether there are sufficient sources of energy in their work to promote group vitality.

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The checklist is based on extensive scientific research on energy sources, also known as buffers, that protect employees from work-related stress. Key findings from this research have been incorporated into the checklist, which can be completed online by the relevant team or department.

After completion, you will receive an anonymized report showing the results per question and per dimension of vitality. This offers teams and departments insight into their strengths and areas of concern regarding vitality. Based on these results, team leaders and employees can then hold mutual discussions to work together to improve the aspects that need extra attention.

What makes this checklist unique is that it not only identifies weaknesses but also highlights vitality strengths. This encourages appreciation and attention to maintaining the positive aspects of vitality.

In short, the "How Vital Is Your Organization?" checklist is a valuable tool for promoting the vitality and well-being of teams and departments through self-assessment and targeted improvements. It facilitates constructive dialogue and promotes a healthy work environment where energy sources are nurtured and stressors are effectively addressed.

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