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Test Life tasks for office workers

The "Life Tasks Test for Office Workers" is an instrument specifically designed to measure and evaluate work-life balance for people with demanding office jobs.

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The "Life Tasks Test for Office Workers," developed by Balans & Impuls, is a measurement instrument designed to assess work-life balance in people holding demanding office jobs. This psychological concept focuses on the various tasks and responsibilities an office worker must fulfill in his or her life to ensure both psychological and social well-being. The test assesses the degree of effectiveness and satisfaction of office workers in fulfilling these life tasks, including aspects such as household and finance, social life and coping with various life stages.

The results of this test can offer company physicians and employers valuable insights to facilitate the health and well-being of office workers. It can help identify potential risks for long-term disability and provide targeted pre-emptive and counseling measures to improve the overall health of office workers and optimize their work performance.

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