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Test Life Tasks for rescue workers

The "Life tasks test for rescue workers and first responders" is a psychological instrument developed by Balans & Impuls. With the objective of providing guidance in health care and occupational services (preventive and curative).

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This tool focuses specifically on the concept of "life tasks" and how it applies to the unique challenges of rescue and emergency workers. For example, police officers, ambulance personnel and firefighters, who regularly face unsafe or life-threatening situations as part of their jobs. 

The test assesses the perceived effectiveness of these professionals in fulfilling their life roles and duties, including the psychological and social aspects of their work. It provides insight into how they cope with the unique stress factors and demands of their profession, and how this affects their health and well-being.

This test is a valuable tool for company physicians and organizations to develop preventive measures and counseling programs specifically designed to support the needs of these essential caregivers, help them manage (the threat of) long-term disability and maintain their well-being.

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