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Test your balance

The "Balance Test" is a psychological test developed to measure the balance between sources of stress and sources of energy in an individual's life.

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This test is invaluable for both preventive and curative psychological counseling because it helps identify potential imbalances that may lead to reduced vitality and long-term psychological symptoms.

The core of the Balance Test lies in the understanding that an excess of stress sources over energy sources can be detrimental to a person's well-being. The process of stress can drag a person into a downward spiral of negative stimuli, resulting in a focus on difficult tasks, setbacks, overwhelming workloads and a decrease in perceived personal effectiveness. The Balance Test helps individuals avoid these pitfalls by making them aware of their energy resources and protective factors, which act as buffers against the impact of stress.

In psychological counseling, the Balance Test is an essential tool for focusing attention on cultivating and experiencing sources of energy. It allows counselors to work with individuals to maintain a healthy balance between stress and energy, encouraging personal self-direction, attention to one's own wants and needs, and self-regulation. The Balance Test is thus a valuable tool to promote well-being and strengthen individuals' resilience in a demanding work environment.

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