Working at home in Corona times. Tips for maintaining your mental health and balancing work/private life

October 2020 Hold on to your daily routines Keep up your daily routine as if you are still going to the office. Irregularity in your work and private life can lead to feelings of turmoil and instability. An example of how you  find stability and regularity is  by taking a walk or a bike ride in the morning, [...]

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Being more self-compassionate with yourself when you feel negative emotions

September 2020 When our inner critic talks to us, it is judging us. Often it is done with extreme negative statements that raises negative emotions such as anger, sadness, powerlessness, hopelessness etc. Once we feel these negative emotions, the inner bully continues to judge us for feeling this way. Imagine someone you love comes to you and [...]

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What can you do if you are feeling anxious about the corona ?

June 2020 What can you do if you are feeling anxious about the corona ? Many people react with anxiety to the Corona. Feeling uncertainty and worrying about the unknown is terrifying. We are filled with ‘’what if’’ scenarios and extreme worst-case scenarios creep constantly in our mind, which add to the stress of our changed life. [...]

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